February 2018 Update

1st Mar 2018

February is the shortest month of the year, and it really went by fast.This was a great month for Kiiff LLC in terms of strategic planning, new marketing efforts, and growing our connections to other individuals and businesses.Check out our blog posts from February:Top 5 things to look for when shopping web ... Read More »

January 2018 Update

1st Feb 2018

Welcome to 2018! New year, new strategies, and if you aren't hosting with us already, new web host ;)We couldn't have asked for a better first month to the new year here at kiiff.com. We have made important internal business decisions this month that set a high standard for success for the rest of the year.Check out our blog posts from ... Read More »

December 2017 Update

1st Jan 2018

Merry Christmas web hosters!December was here and gone fast. However, it was an important month for us in terms of announcements and planning for the new year and beyond. A lot of work was done this month on a special project that will be released today. Stay tuned to the blog and social media channels to find out our big suprise!Here are the blog ... Read More »

November 2017 Update

1st Dec 2017

Happy Thanksgiving web hosters!We have a lot to be thankful for this year, including everyone who is hosting with us! Responses so far have been great.Check out our blog posts from November:How To Install Joomla: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/install-joomla-5-minutes What is a Cron Job?: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/cron-jobs-cpanel Ecommerce ... Read More »

October 2017 Update

1st Nov 2017

Happy Halloween web hosters!Business is growing steadily in October, as we are starting to find ourselves in the web host industry. We have introduced a new promotion for all web hosting packages, (20%) - "Fall2017"Promo will run into November.The blog posts this month are very useful, check them out!How To Scan Your Website For ... Read More »

Septemeber 2017 Update

1st Oct 2017

Hello and welcome to October! In the month of September we published a blog post that is very, very important. So much so that it is included in this announcement. The post below is titled "The Truth About Your Web Host". In it, you will learn that the web host industry is largely owned by a single company that divides its resources between all ... Read More »

August 2017 Update

1st Sep 2017

Another month in the books, welcome to September!August was a great month for the blog. In addition to more posts, we created a "Getting Started" page which contains video tutorials on going through the purchasing of web hosting, and even setting up your site. This page is subject to change in the future as we update our website and develop ... Read More »

July 2017 Update

1st Aug 2017

Kiiff is proud to announce new addons including a drag and drop website builder from Weebly, SSL certificates from Symantec, and Email Spam Filtering from SpamExperts. This is an awesome step forward to providing you all the tools possible for creating a modern and secure website. Below is a short background of each service: Founded in 2007, ... Read More »

June 2017 Update

1st Jul 2017

This month we have created a blog as a resource for you to use and find answers to common questions and problems with your website. Our goal for the blog is to make at least one post per week, and we will be publishing our monthly announcements with the posts for that month. Although small now, the blog will grow as posts are added to it, and ... Read More »

May 2017 Update

1st Jun 2017

On May 11 of this month, Kiiff LLC was incorporated...